A token contract is now live on EOS address eidosonecoin.

If you send any amount of EOS to this address, it will instantly send it back to you, and at the same time it will also send 0.01% of all EIDOS tokens it holds. Starting November 1, 2019, 8am GMT, it will also mint 25 new EIDOS tokens every second. 5 EIDOS will be sent to the team account, 20 EIDOS it will hold for the airdrop. This will go on for about 15 months, by then 1 billion EIDOS will exist and 800M of it are given to the community for free.

We will continue building and adding utility and adding value to the EIDOS token in the coming years on various projects so stay tuned.

Token contract source code: https://github.com/enumivo/eidos

EIDOS - Enumivo is dead, oh shit!

Happy Halloween!


We will sell up to 2M EIDOS every month from the 200M team funds.