EVO Chain


We will be creating an ETH2 clone using almost the same method as the original Enumivo airdrop. EVO Chain is to ETH2 as LTC is to BTC. We aim to be the mini version of ETH2. It will start out as an erc20 token where 80% of the supply will be given for free in a "self-claim airdrop". After the airdrop, we will use the same method used by ETH in launching a beacon chain. It will be fully compatible with ETH2 and will also have shards later.


The airdrop contract is deployed at 0x3fEa51dAab1672d3385f6AF02980e1462cA0687b. To claim your EVO, simply send 0 ETH to this address from block 12,520,000 to block 12,800,000. Each time your transaction is included within these blocks, you will get 4 EVO and the team will get 1 EVO. There is a limit of 100M EVO that will be minted. The airdrop contract will keep on minting EVO until either this max limit or the end block is reached whichever comes first.


You only need to send 0 ETH to join, if you send nonzero ETH to the airdrop contract, we will treat is as a donation.

Future Plans

The airdrop is only a means to distribute the tokens for free. We will follow the roadmap of ETH2 from the beacon chain to the shards. We will have our projects built on top of that once the EVO Chain is ready. All tokens we previously started on the EOS chain will be migrated to EVO chain later.


We have been frustrated with DPoS and we believe the POS+Sharding approach taken by ETH will have so many advantages over almost all existing designs, if not all. Using the ETH2 design, and starting a fresh airdrop in the ETH chain, we expect the centralization concerns against DPoS will be eliminated.


Discussion Forum

All EVO related discussions will be here: https://github.com/evochain/discussions/discussions.

The website is still under construction, we use new github and twitter accounts and we feel it will be good to start fresh.

Mine LARIMER Tokens

Starting Thursday, May 6, 2021 5:00:00 PM GMT+08:00, LARIMER tokens will be minted every 5 minutes and stored in a pool, the rate of minting starts at 1,000 LARIMER and decreases by 0.001 each time (1000, 999.999, 999.998 and so on until 0.003, 0.002, 0.001). Anyone with DIY tokens can get a portion of these LARIMER tokens by burning their DIY.

To mine LARIMER simply send DIY to minelarimers, the proportion of DIY you burn in relation to the total circulating DIY will be the same proportion of LARIMER in the pool that will be given to you.

Token Contract: larimertoken

New Update:

The contract has been updated, you can only send 10,000 DIY tokens to the contract, and you will get 1% of the pool as mining rewards.

EIDOS Staking

Stake your EIDOS tokens, earn DIY tokens.

You can now stake your EIDOS tokens and earn DIY tokens. Simply send your EIDOS to stakemyeidos and put in the memo the number of months you want your EIDOS locked and instantly earn DIY tokens, with multiplier bonus depending on how long you want to stake them:

  • 1 month = 1x multiplier

  • 3 months = 4x multiplier

  • 6 months = 10x multiplier

  • 12 months = 25x multiplier

  • 24 months = 60x multiplier

For example, send 100 EIDOS to stakemyeidos with a memo of 12 will automatically send you 2,500 DIY and after 360 days you get back your 100 EIDOS.

You can also burn your DIY tokens for whatever reason you have, simply send your DIY to stakemyeidos and it will automatically be burned.

DIY tokens are “do-it-yourself” tokens, anybody with EIDOS can get it for free and everyone is welcome to give it value. The token contract is diybasetoken with a maximum supply of 100B.

The team’s EIDOS in eidosoneteam are locked and will only be unlocked to circulation at 2m EIDOS per month, so those locked tokens are not allowed to stake making DIY tokens truly community owned.

We will make the contracts immutable once we see the automatic unstaking functionality executing without problems.

Introducing SIMPLE

SIMPLE (SAPEX’s Wild Cousin)


SIMPLE is the wild and extreme cousin of SAPEX that’s running on the YAS network. To learn more about SAPEX, read here Introducing SAPEX. The differences will be described in this post.


  1. EOS (bosibc.io) vs SIMPLE

  2. USDT (bosibc.io) vs SIMPLE

  3. YAS (eosio.token) vs SIMPLE

  4. CPM (cpmcoin.x) vs SIMPLE

The four pools involve the listed tokens all paired with SIMPLE (simplecoin.x). A total of five tokens can be traded versus each other. Just send any of the five tokens to simpleamm.x and put in the memo the token you want to get. There will be a 0.2% trading fee that is denominated in SIMPLE that will be burned. Sending any of the four tokens to get any of the three tokens will be a cascaded trade that will involve two pools, so the fees will be 0.4%.

Important Contracts

simplecoin.x is the token contract of the SIMPLE token. This is a standard eosio.token contract released by block.one. The total supply of SIMPLE is 1.0B but it will be deflationary as all trading fees will be burned.

simpleamm.x is the AMM contract where you send one token and automatically get any token that you specify in the memo. If you specify the word DONATE in the memo, you will not get any token back.

simplefund.x is the owner of all the SIMPLE initially (1.0B supply) and each minute, anyone can ask it to donate 2,000 SIMPLE in each pool by calling the ‘move’ action. Also, any SIMPLE sent to this contract will be burned. The ‘move’ action will only succeed after Wednesday, September 30, 2020 8:00:00 AM GMT+08:00 and can only be called once every minute. 8,000 SAPEX will be added into the pools (2,000 SIMPLE x 4) each time.

Price Feed

https://simple.yas.network/ is the price feed URL. Here you will see the four pools and the price of each listed token in terms of SIMPLE, USDT, and EOS.

Introducing SAPEX

SAPEX (Simple as Possible EXchange)


This is our attempt to be able to compete with new DeFi products and to unify the four tokens we started (EIDOS, AMT, YAS, CPM) into a single SAPEX token. We are creating six pools of automated market makers without the need for liquidity providers and governance. Each pool follows a constant product market maker involving two tokens. Our goal is to have a deep USDT vs EOS pool to serve traders of these two major tokens without having to deal with the other tokens involved behind the scenes.


  1. EOS (eosio.token) vs SAPEX

  2. USDT (tethertether) vs SAPEX

  3. EIDOS (eidosonecoin) vs SAPEX

  4. AMT (freeamttoken) vs SAPEX

  5. YAS (bosibc.io) vs SAPEX

  6. CPM (bosibc.io) vs SAPEX

The six pools involve the listed tokens all paired with SAPEX (sapexcoin.eo). A total of seven tokens can be traded versus each other. Just send any of the seven tokens to sapexamm.eo and put in the memo the token you want to get. There will be a 0.1% trading fee that is denominated in SAPEX that will be burned. Sending any of the six tokens to get any of the six tokens will be a cascaded trade that will involve two pools, so the fees will be 0.2%.

Important Contracts

sapexcoin.eo is the token contract of the SAPEX token. This is a standard eosio.token contract released by block.one. The total supply of SAPEX is 1.2B but it will be deflationary as all trading fees will be burned.

sapexamm.eo is the AMM contract where you send one token and automatically get any token that you specify in the memo. If you specify the word DONATE in the memo, you will not get any token back.

sapexfund.eo is the owner of all the SAPEX initially (1.2B supply) and each minute, anyone can ask it to donate 100 SAPEX in each pool by calling the ‘move’ action. Also, any SAPEX sent to this contract will be burned. The ‘move’ action will only succeed after Thursday, September 24, 2020 8:00:00 AM GMT+08:00 and can only be called once every minute. 600 SAPEX will be added into the pools (100 SAPEX x 6) each time.

Price Feed

https://sapex.one/ is the price feed URL. Here you will see the six pools and the price of each listed token in terms of SAPEX, USDT, and EOS.

Future Plans

Right now, this project is basically in the distribution of SAPEX stage and is targeted to our followers holding the four tokens we have created. In the later part, when the pools build up and deepen, which by design surely will, we will move our focus to improving the user experience of the EOS vs USDT traders. We will fully publish all contract source codes as soon as we are confident that it’s working as intended, and at the same time we will make the contracts immutable.


In the first few weeks, it’s possible that we find bugs and we reserve the right to modify the contracts while trying to maintain fairness to everyone as much as possible. During these times, the pools will be very shallow due to the very small circulating supply of SAPEX. We caution everyone to trade carefully and understand how everything works. We will answer your questions in our telegram group: https://t.me/eidosgroup.


EIDOS Automated Market Maker

The EIDOS vs EOS AMM is live at http://eidos.one/.

You can instantly swap EIDOS to/from EOS by sending EIDOS or EOS to amm.eo and putting in the memo the token you want to get. The AMM has a pool of EIDOS and EOS owned by the community represented by EOSLP shares. When someone trades EIDOS vs EOS, a 0.1% fee is retained in favor of EOSLP holders. The EIDOS and EOS in held in the contract named amm.eo will be treated with equal value and putting one a token on one side of the pool will give back the other token such that the product EIDOS x EOS before and after the transaction will remain constant, then a 0.1% fee is retained.

The EOSLP token is issued by ammtokens.eo and will represent the shares of ownership of liquidity providers which added EIDOS and EOS into the pool to serve traders. Anyone can buy EOSLP by sending EIDOS or EOS to amm.eo and putting in the memo EOSLP. You will instantly be issued EOSLP tokens to represent your portion of ownership of both the EIDOS and EOS side of the pool. All EOSLP tokens own all the EIDOS and EOS of the pool.

You can sell back your EOSLP by sending it to amm.eo and putting in the memo either EOS or EIDOS.

This is the first pair of EIDOS and we will be adding other tokens later.

CPM Refund Early Deadline

The CPM full refund was supposed to go on until December 31, 2020. Due to the speed of development and to move to the next phase of the redistribution of excess YAS beyond 5M back to CPM holders, we are moving the refund deadline earlier. You can take full refund of your CPM to get your YAS until May 31, 2020. After which, the excess of 5M YAS in the yastocpm.x contract will be added into the YAS vs CPM AMM pool 1 YAS per second until all excess YAS are fully sent to the pool. This will start sometime in June, 2020.

If you decide not to hold CPM tokens beyond May, 2020, simply send your CPM to yastocpm.x to get full refund at 1 YAS per 1,000 CPM. If you decide to hold on to your CPM, you don’t need to do anything. But remember, there will be no more refund after May, 2020. The CPM price will depend on the YAS vs CPM AMM market beyond that point.

The exact deadline:

May 31, 2020 11:59:59 PM GMT or

June 1, 2020 7:59:59 AM GMT+8

CPM Tokens

CPM tokens will be used to create BULL and BEAR tokens and act as voting tokens to let holders bring prices of outside assets on chain to later be used for creating MPA (market pegged assets). CPM tokens will also be used as the common pair for all AMM (automated market maker) trading pairs in the YAS ecosystem.

CPM token contract is in the address cpmcoin.x.

CPM token creation event has started and is designed to be very fair for those who wants to acquire it. To get CPM tokens, just send YAS to yastocpm.x before May 1, 2020 GMT+8. You will automatically receive 1000 CPM per YAS you send. Starting May 1, 2020, no new CPM tokens will be created.

You can also automatically refund your CPM purchase and get the full amount of YAS by sending your CPM back to yastocpm.x anytime before January 1, 2021 GMT+8 and you will automatically get your YAS back. From May 1, 2020 until December 31, 2020, the total circulating supply might decrease further since those CPM tokens sent for a refund will be destroyed.

On January 1, 2021, the account named x will be able to get all the YAS in the yastocpm.x contract. All amounts beyond 5M will be used to buy back and burn CPM tokens through the AMM.

AMT (Anti Mining Token) Airdrop

AMT or Anti Mining Token is the opposite of EIDOS. Instead of using cpu to take part in this airdrop, you give up your cpu buy staking your EOS in REX. Starting Monday, March 2, 2020 12:00:01 AM GMT, 20 AMT tokens will be minted every second, 18 of it will be stored in an airdrop pool and 2 will be given to the EIDOS team. You can claim a portion of this pool by sending any amount of EOS to the account named airdroptorex. Your EOS will instantly be returned together with some AMT tokens which is proportional to your REX / Total REX. If you own 1% of all REX, then you get 1% of what’s in the AMT pool at the time you claimed. Each time you claim AMT, it will be recorded and you can claim again after 24hours. The minting of AMT will go on until 1 billion tokens are created.

This airdrop is to experiment a way to distributed tokens to a wide range of audience for free that does not congest the chain and is not affected of subjective resource billing.

AMT tokens will later used as a utility for another project that we are working with.

Token Contract: freeamttoken

Symbol: AMT

To claim: send any EOS to airdroptorex.

YAS Token Creation Event

YAS Minting and Burning

YAS token creation contract is now live. You simply send EIDOS tokens to the contract named yasminttoken and you will instantly be issued YAS. You can also send back your YAS to the same contract and you will be refunded EIDOS. Only 100M YAS will be minted. There will be no more YAS lockup. YAS token contract is in the account named yastokencode. YAS will be minted and burned on demand as users will interact with the contract.

YAS Network Launch

We will have a different strategy in launching the YAS Network. As soon as more than 90M YAS tokens will exist, the EIDOS team will launch the YAS network. It will start as a centralized network. 130M tokens will be created on the genesis. 100M will be prepared for the swap. 30M will be used by our team to run and vote 30 team-owned block producers. We will own and control the whole YAS network with 1M x 30. That means each of the team-owned block producers will get 1M votes from the 30M. With the network running live, we will then start the 100M swap. Block producer candidates will then start connecting on the mainnet, and start campaigning for votes from the community. As soon as they get 1M or more votes, they will be displacing the team-owned producers, we will then shutdown our nodes one by one and burn portion of the 30M plus the inflation we get from the BP rewards. This will mean YAS network will transition from fully centralized to fully decentralized as soon as block producers get the votes from the community and beat the team-owned producers. If by the end of 2020 we still have nodes left, we will shut them down. The 100M swap will also go on until the end of 2020. All unswapped YAS will be sent to eosio.savings after the deadline.

People’s Chain

We expect the YAS chain to be a true democratic chain governed by the majority. The block producers will be at the mercy of the voters and they have to show the voters that they deserve the votes and beat the 1M vote of the team-owned nodes. Every YAS holder is expected to participate in building the YAS network whether it’s in governance by voting for the proper producers, crafting proposals, marketing, development, creating the constitution or whitepaper, etc. The initial YAS network will be very basic and will be directed by everyone. We all will determine the future of YAS. We all will respect the decision of 15 BP’s being duly voted by the majority. We expect the block producers to represent the true will of their voters. We also expect proper communication and regular updates from the producers to the community.

Call to Action

If you are interested and planning to support the network as a producer, a block explorer provider, a wallet service, history node, an exchange, marketer, etc, you can start establishing your own telegram channel and let us know on twitter and we will modify this post and put the details here for reference.

Launch Trigger

Once 90M EIDOS are committed and converted to YAS, that is our trigger that there is enough interest to launch. If by June, 2020, we don’t get enough commitment, then it’s a sign not to pursue YAS. All the EIDOS tokens used to create YAS will later be burned and taken out of circulation once the EIDOS airdrop is finished.

YAS Network

The EIDOS team will be launching its own EOS sisterchain. It will be called the YAS Network. In a few days we will deploy a smart contract that will enable any EIDOS holder to mint YAS. The YAS token contract will be a slightly modified eosio.token contract which will have the following behavior:

  • Each time you will send EIDOS to it, it will mint and give you the same amount of YAS.

  • Provided there are less than 100M YAS tokens in existence, you can send your YAS back to the contract, it will be burned, and you get the same amount of EIDOS back to you.

  • You can treat your YAS just like any other eosio token provided there are less than 100M YAS tokens in existence.

  • As soon as there are 100M YAS tokens minted, the contract will freeze transfers, locking your YAS tokens forever. All 100M EIDOS will also be frozen forever. We will then commence launching the YAS network based on the frozen snapshot, using the account names and keys in the YAS token contract.

  • The launching of the new sisterchain will be initiated by us in private, after checking and verifying it, we will declare “YAS Mainnet is live”.

  • At any point before it goes live, we can decide to abort the launch for any reason, and unfreeze the contract, enabling refunding YAS back to EIDOS.

The YAS Network will have the following initial properties:

  • It will be based on the latest stable eosio version.

  • Each account can vote only for 1 block producer.

  • The RAM market will have 50% connector weight.

  • There will be no RAM inflation.

  • There will be no whitepaper and no constitution.

  • There will be 2% inflation. 1% for BP rewards, 1% for savings.

After going live, the direction of the chain will be decided by the BP’s. Being elected positions, it is assumed that they represent the will of the voters.

As of posting this there are 51.5M EIDOS in existence held by 34K addresses. We are posting this early to let everyone interested have a fair chance to join. It will take 100M EIDOS to lock the contract, we don’t know when it will happen or if it will happen at all.

The EIDOS team will join YAS but we are limited only to spend team funds up to 2M EIDOS a month and we have to sell some of it in the market, so we will not expect to be a big holder of YAS. Our main role is to add value to EIDOS, facilitate the launch of YAS, and just be a small voice of the YAS ecosystem.

If the YAS Network will in fact launch, EIDOS will have 100M less supply. After the EIDOS airdrop, we will burn the 100M EIDOS in the contract.

This post will serve as an early announcement. We will be monitoring telegram and twitter for community reactions and if it’s received well, we will make another announcement once the YAS token contract goes live.

Why a new chain?

We can’t reiterate enough our dream to have a really democratic chain and this is yet another attempt and we are doing it as fair as we can. The YAS network attempts to be a cheaper alternative sisterchain to EOS. It will be a general purpose high performance smart contract platform which is cheaper to run and be truly governed by majority rule and not a collusion of a few rich individuals.

More CODEX Details

Imagine an EIDOS/EOS market maker contract. You send it EIDOS and you instantly get EOS. You send it EOS and you instantly get EIDOS.

Imagine an EIDOS/USDT market maker contract. You send it EIDOS and you instantly get USDT. You send it USDT and you instantly EIDOS.

Imagine a cascading EOS/USDT market maker contract. You send it EOS and it cascades trades on both contracts above and instantly sends you USDT. You send it USDT and you instantly get EOS.

In all cases above you are a trader. When you buy EIDOS, you pay no fee. When you sell EIDOS you pay 0.2%.

Now imagine you want to become a liquidity provider. You buy shares of the EIDOS/EOS market with either EIDOS or EOS and you get EOSLP tokens. These tokens represent your ownership of the EIDOS/EOS market. As fees are generated, the value of your shares go up. You can sell your EOSLP tokens anytime.

The same happens if you want to buy shares of the EIDOS/USDT market and get USDTLP tokens to represent your shares..

Why buy *LP tokens? If you both love EIDOS and EOS and you can’t decide which will have more value later, you buy shares, get trading profits, and be hedged whichever way that market goes.

You can balance your portfolio by buying market maker shares across all markets that we build. You help build CODEX, you serve the traders by giving them a liquid market, and you earn their business in trading fees.

Now imagine all reputable tokens in the EOS ecosystem paired in EIDOS and cascaded among all of them. Anyone will be able to instantly convert one token to another. You are either a trader (you pay fees), or you are a liquidity provider (you take the fees), or you can be both.

Now imagine FTP (Frequent Trader Points) tokens issued to you each time you pay fees in CODEX, and imagine a future stablecoin (market pegged assets) platform inside CODEX all powered by FTP where you collateralize vBTC, vETH, and other outside tokens by becoming a price oracle by trading them with FTP. Imagine you don’t have to trade real BTC and ETH and even GOLD because EOS will have a decentralized price oracle to create them as market pegged assets all powered by the FTP token, generated because of EIDOS trading in CODEX.

We have disrupted the REX and CPU market. We can also rock the exchange market, where most of you complain that the exchanges/BPs are taking the chain hostage. Show us some love instead. We want EOS to evolve to be a better chain than what it is now.


We introduce the upcoming EIDOS CODEX, a community owned decentralized exchange. We have started the development of our own version of a simplified set of automated market makers where anyone can trade one token to another. Each token CODEX supports will be paired with EIDOS. Anyone can buy shares of any trading pair and become a liquidity provider, in turn, they get portion of the trading fees for that pair. As the liquidity builds up, price slippage goes down for traders giving them a good price for their trades. In CODEX, you either trade and pay fees for your favorite pair, or you can be a liquidity provider and take the fees, or you can be both to support your favorite trading pair. We will initially have EIDOS/EOS and EIDOS/USDT, and based on these 2 pairs, a cascading market can be created: EOS/USDT by having another smart contract to trade EOS->EIDOS->USDT or USDT -> EIDOS -> EOS. All pairs will always make use of EIDOS even them without knowing it. We have proven during Enumivo times that using automated market makers gives traders the best deals, the least fees, and the best spreads. Bringing it to EOS platforms, we will add value in the whole ecosystem and at the same time give utility to the EIDOS token, honoring its holders as we promised.

We are not competing with existing centralized and decentralized exchanges. We are grateful to them for supporting EIDOS. Our automated market makers will not have limit orders unlike theirs. We just provide an alternative and add value to the whole EOS ecosystem. CODEX will truly be decentralized and will not act for profit. It will be the liquidity providers that will build each trading pair they support. Buying shares in the market maker lets everyone become like an exchange operator without all the hassle of operating a traditional exchange.

We won’t make any promise on the ETA of CODEX but we will be working hard on it and we put passion and love to everything we do.

This is just the start of a long journey as we build EIDOS.

Thank You, Community!

We would like to thank everyone who joined our “fairdrop” launch. This activity was designed to be fair and to reach a very wide audience. We have learned a lot from the past and all our actions from here moving forward will always consider the lessons of history. We are also constantly and secretly in touch with various communities to get the general sentiment of our audience.

We are just getting warmed up and the path ahead will be long and challenging. But we are a group passionate of blockchain technologies and all our actions from here on will always be to honor every single EIDOS holder out there. Everything we do will always be to add more value to EIDOS.

We will eventually hold 20% of all EIDOS and the biggest challenge will be how to use it wisely since 4x more EIDOS will be in the hands of the community. For us to benefit, we have to work 5 times harder to get our fair share. Unlike the ICO/IEO model, we only benefit if the greater community benefits. Our efforts must be 5 times more to get our rewards. But we are up to the challenge. And we enjoin you to build with us.

We are not a pump and dump shitcoin or a get rich quick scheme. If you are not here for the long term, you can mine EIDOS, sell it quick, and let it be in the hands of those who are willing to join us on a longer journey. You will be happy with your short term gains, and we will be happy building with those willing to hold EIDOS longer.

Once again, from the EIDOS team, thank you! En Taro Adun!