EVO Chain


We will be creating an ETH2 clone using almost the same method as the original Enumivo airdrop. EVO Chain is to ETH2 as LTC is to BTC. We aim to be the mini version of ETH2. It will start out as an erc20 token where 80% of the supply will be given for free in a "self-claim airdrop". After the airdrop, we will use the same method used by ETH in launching a beacon chain. It will be fully compatible with ETH2 and will also have shards later.


The airdrop contract is deployed at 0x3fEa51dAab1672d3385f6AF02980e1462cA0687b. To claim your EVO, simply send 0 ETH to this address from block 12,520,000 to block 12,800,000. Each time your transaction is included within these blocks, you will get 4 EVO and the team will get 1 EVO. There is a limit of 100M EVO that will be minted. The airdrop contract will keep on minting EVO until either this max limit or the end block is reached whichever comes first.


You only need to send 0 ETH to join, if you send nonzero ETH to the airdrop contract, we will treat is as a donation.

Future Plans

The airdrop is only a means to distribute the tokens for free. We will follow the roadmap of ETH2 from the beacon chain to the shards. We will have our projects built on top of that once the EVO Chain is ready. All tokens we previously started on the EOS chain will be migrated to EVO chain later.


We have been frustrated with DPoS and I believe the POS+Sharding approach taken by ETH will have so many advantages over almost all existing designs, if not all. Using the ETH2 design, and starting a fresh airdrop in the ETH chain, we expect the centralization concerns against DPoS will be eliminated.


Discussion Forum

All EVO related discussions will be here: https://github.com/evochain/discussions/discussions.

The website is still under construction, we use new github and twitter accounts and we feel it will be good to start fresh.