Introducing LiteShares Decentralized Exchange

We are proud to announce as Enumivo's side project to make sure that during or even before launching our new blockchain, we have a decentralized exchange prepared. LiteShares is a "lite" version of BitShares. There will be 1,000M LTS tokens and 900M LTS will be given to the community in various airdrop channels 20K at a time.

You can get 20K LTS through Enumivo's Social Campaign. Just get an account here:

and send 1 share to this address: afbdc7d2-2a48-11e8-9a74-f23c91cb11d3 and include your account in the message and you will get 20K LTS tokens.

You can also join our Facebook campaign where you share our post and get 50 friends to like it and get another 20K LTS.

If you have a bitcointalk account with a full member status or higher, you can also pm us here with your account to get 20K LTS:;u=1812780

We will make announcements later for additional airdrops.

You can monitor the following urls for more information:

Enumivo's Facebook Campaign

If you are an early beta tester of our FB campaign, please continue referring your friends. We will keep on increasing the bounty from 50K until we reach 1M ENU. We will be on continuous improvement on the FB campaign website until launch.

All your shares have an equivalent ENU value and it will keep on changing as new people join and as you refer your friends. After the blockchain is launched, we will be putting up a new website to claim your tokens.

Campaign URL: